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I appreciate most at QUALITANCE their true commitment to our projects success, their honest and straightforward way of setting realistic goals and sticking to them, their precise organization and project management. Their technical expertise is of superior quality, they have a proactive approach, being prepared for future trends in the marketplace and being able to anticipate and predict future demands.

I have been impressed by QUALITANCE’s thoroughness and drive for perfection in iteratively crafting a digital flow that was not only beautiful, but simple, efficient, and fast. Constantly going the extra mile to bridge the gaps between banks and the fast-moving digital world seems to be the default modus operandi of the QUALITANCE team.

Together with QUALITANCE, we have accelerated the development of our digital platform, paying close attention to the specific needs and challenges of our customers. We have intensively tested the entire platform experience with a small group of companies, and the positive feedback we have received so far is motivating us to continue the development effort and to make it possible for all our SME customers to use this efficient lending tool.

The partnership between FINSTRO and QUALITANCE is a successful one. Substantial progress has been made during this first year of engagement. The effort and commitment made by the QUALITANCE team has been with a high level of professionalism and expertise. We extend our appreciation to them supporting FINSTRO.

QUALITANCE had a very technically skilled team in many aspects of full stack designs. They were also flexible and easy to communicate with. The team wasn't afraid to make suggestions that would go above and beyond the client's expectations. I would recommend QUALITANCE to those looking for a full service agency to help with larger engagements.

Digitizing the interaction with our customers comes as a natural and much needed step. Through this state-of-the-art digital platform, which we have built together with our technology partner QUALITANCE, we are reinforcing our commitment to our customers and their families, offering them a simplified experience of saving, protecting and investing.

Aside from the progress Banca Transilvania has made in digital transformation, developing this new solution has been a learning experience for us – as a bank and a team. I recommend QUALITANCE as a highly competitive robust foundation for building a solid long-term digital transformation strategy, for the outstanding UX and experience design talent, and proven delivery capabilities we have seen in their team.

Utilio is a state-of-the-art customer platform that contributes to our efforts to digitize, simplify, and diversify our natural gas offer and related services. We created a solid foundation that ensures a high degree of transparency and meets the needs of SMEs in terms of service experience and rapid contract signing for gas supply services.

We are starting to see real results as the initiatives are being rolled out. From the design thinking workshop and through the user testing, QUALITANCE made sure that employees and contractors interacted with us, giving us valuable feedback at every iteration we believe that a design thinking approach is very important to our business, and we plan to continue iterating initiatives and prototypes with our teams.

QUALITANCE represents everything we wanted from a developer partner: best of class development skills, a collaborative product development process, strategic thinking and most importantly huge value for our investment. We give them our highest recommendation to any company looking to execute their software strategy.

I was impressed by the consistent quality of work delivered by QUALITANCE, as well as by their flexibility, solid technical understanding, and very useful feedback to our design requirements.

Customer focused and results oriented - this is really what I appreciate about QUALITANCE. In the end, technology itself has no value as long as you don’t increase the customer experience.

We selected QUALITANCE as a provider because we considered them to be part of our vision and shared best practices. They were very organized and well-structured, and the project was a success.


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